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5th Grade Artist Gallery

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Who? – All fifth grade students

What? - Fifth grade classes will create an artist’s gallery in our foyer. Each month will be
devoted to a new artist the students are learning about in their class. Each student will
be responsible for contributing a piece to the artist gallery, once in the fall and a second
time in the spring. Here are some pieces your child may have to contribute to the overall
gallery. I encourage parents to help your children make their contributions fun, creative and

Where was he/she born? (Country, City) – draw a picture of the country & mark the city (be
creative) 1 person

When was he/she born? (Find a creative way to draw/illustrate this) 1 person

When did he/she die? (Find a creative way to draw/illustrate this) 1 person

What type of clothing did he/she wear? (Trace the outline of your own body and draw on or
fill in the type of clothing and accessories he or she would have worn)Additionally, find a quote
from this artist and insert a dialog bubble to go along with the cutout. 3 people

What did this artist look like? (Draw/sculpt/assemble a bust of the famous artist.) 1 person

What are some examples of his/her most famous artwork? Select one piece to reproduce 5
people one piece each

What were some important world events going on at the time this Artist was alive. Do you
think any of these events had an impact on his/her artwork? Why do you think this? 2 people

Was he/she married? To whom? (Find a creative way to draw/illustrate this) 1 person

How much money are his/her paintings worth? (Find a creative way to draw/demonstrate this)
3 people

What materials (mediums) did the artist use to create his/her artwork? (Find a creative way to
draw/demonstrate this) 1 person

Class Poll- create a graph that shows how many students like or dislike this artist’s work. Get
quotes from students saying why they like or dislike his/her work. 3 people

When? - Mrs. Stephen's class will be responsible for the first artist –Leonardo DaVinci Due Aug.

Mrs. Alvarado’s class will be responsible for the second artist – Chuck Close -Due Oct.11th

Mrs. Schorr’s class will be responsible for the third artist – Alexandra Nechita -Due Nov. 3rd

Mixed 5th grade class will be responsible for fourth artist – Grandma Moses- due Dec. 12th

5th artist – Stephen's class – Jacob Lawrence - Due. Jan. 25th

6th artist – Mrs. Schorr’s class – Mary Cassatt - Due Feb. 28th

7th artist – Mrs. Alvarado's class – Andy Warhol- Due Mar. 20th

8th artist – Mixed 5th grade class – Keith Haring- Due April 16th

Where? – Students complete this work at home and bring it to school on their due date.
Students will be given over a month to work on and contribute to the gallery. Students will be
given the opportunity to sign up for the piece they want to contribute on a first come first serve
basis. If a student does not select his or her own part, a piece will be assigned by the teacher.

Why? - The purpose of this project is to expose our students to a variety of mediums, styles,
and artists. There is more than one way to create art and I want students to understand that
drawing realistically is not the only form of valued and valid art. The process of creating art
is every bit as important as the product. Additionally, fifth graders help younger classes learn
more about various artists through their pictorial description of the lives of these artists.

Questions? – Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, the best way to do this is
through email. mgille2@neisd.net

Thank You,
Mary Gilley

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