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FIELD DAY: DEC. 8, 2011

posted Dec 8, 2011, 9:52 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 8, 2011, 9:52 AM ]
Field Day is this Thursday, December 8, 2011
Please wear jackets and appropriate shoes.
80 Kids Total per grade level= 13 kids per group (approx. 6 girls, 7 boys) Teachers will divide the kids
into their groups in the hallway (not the gym)… 2 kids per teacher in each group, preferably one boy and
one girl from each class. Once the students have their group they will be told what station to start at.
The parents/teachers will tell the kids where to rotate to next.

Teachers/Parents: Must be DPS cleared at the front office before walking down to the gym!

Teachers/Parents: You will be handing out 3 Award Coupons for each 7 min station for students that
are working hard, getting along, showing good sportsmanship, and have a positive attitude: The kids
will write their names and their homeroom teacher name on them when they get back to their class.
The coupons will be turned into Coach Ak at the end of the day! The class in each grade level with the
most Award Coupons gets to pick an activity of the day for PE to reward their whole class! Rotate each
station every 7 minutes in the order on the sheet.

Photographer: I will bring my camera.. If any parent would be willing to take pictures of the kids during
Field Day that would be Awesome! I will check to make sure all kids I post on my PE blog are allowed to
be on the internet first. *Parental consent is a MUST*

Water Break: After Station #6 (Three Legged Race)

EVENTS: Rotate in order #1-6. If a group starts on station #6 first they will rotate to station #1 next.

1. Dancing - Gym 2: All on my iPod Under: Playlists, PE Songs Castle Hills, Scroll to Cha Cha
Slide: track #1; Cotton Eyed Joe: track #4; Macarena: track #2; Chicken Dance: track #3;
Hokey Pokey: track #7 *** Please don’t let anyone touch the iPod except a Teacher.
(school property)
Mrs. Muhlenbruch

2. Over-sized Clothes Race with Basketball: Gym 1 - Main Gym: Like you would see at a Spurs
halftime: Students put clothes on, then take the basketball and try to shoot a basket at the
other end. They get 3 tries to make it. Regardless of it they make it or not they will dribble
the ball back to their team, take the over sized clothes off and the next person on their team
goes. The line that has the most points wins! *1 point will be given if any team member
makes a basket! For example, if Team 1 with 6 people are in a line and 3 people make it,
the score would be 3. If Team 2 makes 2 basketballs.. Team 1 would win! Coach Ak

3. Obstacle Course: Blacktop: (Cones, Jump Ropes) Students will zig zag the cones while
running, at the end of the cones there will be a jump rope. Students need to jump 5 times

(make sure they do all 5 jump ropes) They will go back through the cones zig zagging and
give the next person in line a high five! When you are finished zig zagging sit down so the
teacher/parent knows who is finished!

4. Tug of War – Outside in the grass by the Playground at the bottom of the hill. Put 6-7 kids
on each end of the rope. Mrs. Gilley

5. Relay Races – Big Field: Students will be in team of 3-4. They will run down and back to the
designated cone (run around it) and come back handing off the baton to the next person in
line. When the student is done and hands off the baton they are to sit down in line so the
parent/teacher knows they are finished…Do as many relay races as possible!

6. Three Legged Race - Big Field: Students will be in groups of 3. The three will be Outside
next to Relay Races. Students will be in a group of 3 and the person in the middle will be
tied around their ankles to the two outside kids. They are to work together as a unit to finish
the race! The team that works together the best will win!!!
Mr. Cavozos: Tie up the kids ankles fast so they have time to compete.

PARENTS: Enforce safety please. The kids go too fast sometimes, and get pretty competitive. This is
just a fun Field Day and it doesn’t matter who wins or loses. Please rotate them at the appropriate time
so everyone can be on the “same page”, and have enough time for every event. Please bring a watch or
a timer and as soon as you see your group start the 7 min timer to rotate. This is the key to making this
Field Day run smoothly!

Parent Volunteer Times: We need parents to volunteer for events #3, #4, #5 first because those are the
stations that we don’t have a teacher assigned to. Of course, if we have extra parents helping our CHE
staff that would be great too! Thanks! We really need more parents to help in the afternoon with our
little ones (Kinder and 1st) if possible! Most of the time parents leave after the morning, so please shoot
me an email back stating what block of time you can help with. This will really help me for planning

purposes! Thanks!

5th Grade (7:50-8:40)

4th Grade (8:45-9:35)

2nd Grade (9:40-10:30)

3rd Grade (10:35-11:25)

Lunch Break 11:30-12pm

Kinder (12:00-12:50pm)

Coach AK: hakrom@neisd.net

1st (12:55-1:45pm)