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As the Fiscal Cliff Approaches, PTA Advocacy Tools Available

posted Dec 11, 2012, 6:13 AM by Unknown user
Since March 2012, advocates have been hearing about an across-the-board federal budget cut, known assequestration. Unless Congress acts to replace the sequester, deep cuts totaling $1.2 trillion could occur in January 2013 that will impact virtually every area of American life. 

Cuts to public education under sequestration will total nearly $5 billion. These funding losses will mean: 

  • Larger classroom sizes
  • Fewer teachers
  • Elimination of after-school and enrichment programming
  • Reductions in services for special-education students
  • Loss of quality early-childhood education options for low-income children
  • Less financial assistance for postsecondary education

Cuts will hit high-need school districts the hardest, as shown by recent state analysis of district-level impact, that is, unless PTA takes action. PTAs can utilize the customizable tools available on the National PTA website to ask that Congress take action to stop sequestration from decimating public education. 

Tools include a sequester backgrounder, program estimates with templates to create customizable sequestration invoices, letters to Congress, and letters to the editor. 
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