Big Bad Musical: Scene Breakdown & Lyrics

posted Aug 5, 2011, 7:21 AM by Unknown user
Big Bad Families,

Hot off the presses!  The first two weeks scene breakdown has been published.  Amy will be discussing schedule and the music this evening at the first rehearsal.  ALL ACTORS are called to rehearsal tonight.   Please have your actor there, ready to focus, learn, and have fun by 6:30pm in the CHE Cafeteria. 
  • Parents wishing to help the younger students with the song are welcome to stay INSIDE the cafeteria this evening. 
  • Parents wishing to help contain the rehearsal may stay as well -  It is important in this first rehearsal to keep the kids together and in control. 
  • Parents wishing to VISIT may convene in the hall or library. 
Script Fees are due now, so please be sure to get an official play envelope in the office or at rehearsal to submit your monies.

Links you'll want to keep:
Calendar - up to date information will be posted here first
Scene Breakdown
  • Clicking on an event on the calendar (illustrated in the attached image) displays a description which includes the cast members called.
  • If you lose the links, fear not!  Visit and on the right side of the screen you'll find the activities calendar and all of the links you'll need.
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