Costumes & Recap 8/5

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Two rehearsals are in the can! 

The actors called for Grime Scene 1 ran through the scene while they learned about rehearsal props, triangle blocking, crossing, entering and exiting on cue, and stage tricks for (not really) whispering and talking to one another in character while their bodies and voices still go towards the audience.  They were asked to use a pencil to write their actions in the margins of their script as homework.  You can find this
recap, the scene breakdown, lyrics, and a lot more at


Our Costume Team Lead, Diana Crow, would like to be sure that parents have a good idea about what they are going to do for their costume.

Remember, if a meeting needs to be called with your character's group to discuss costume ideas and uniformity, reach out to one another - you'll be taking this step among yourselves.
And everyone should be contacting Diana for approval. The midway point (August 20) will be here before we know it, and every costume must be approved by Diana before parents move forward.

Next Rehearsal:  Monday, Aug 8 6:30 pm
Wolfette Scene 2 (pgs 4-6).  Actors called: Grimm Bros, Wolf, Wolfettes, Boy, FGM, Piper, 3 Mice, Red, Grandmother, 3 Pigs, Woodcutter, Shepard, Sheep
  • Actors should bring the following to every rehearsal:  a Water Bottle, a Pencil (not pen), a Highlighter.
  • The acoustics of the cafeteria are funny, and even whispers from the big room are amplified on the stage making it difficult for the actors to hear direction, so the rehearsal is closed to anyone that is not silent in the cafeteria.
  • Parents wishing to meet about their committees or visit may convene in the foyer.

Fairy Tales Updated for the Nineties (eek, even that was before our actors time!), cartoon attached.

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