Earlier Rehearsal Time & Details for the Week 9/19

posted Sep 18, 2011, 8:17 PM by Unknown user
Earlier 6:00 pm Rehearsal Time
All Call Monday 9/19, Tuesday 9/20, and Wednesday 9/21
6:00 pm
  • Please be in the Nimitz Theatre at 6:00pm, on stage for warm ups.  Time is crucial this last week, please be on time.
  • Please have your child in costume, not in makeup, with all needed props.   We will do make-up on Wednesday night.
  • New security check-in/check-out procedure:
    • When you check your child in, you will be given a card with your actor's name on it, we will use the cards Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
    • If you are collecting your actor, keep the card, sign the line for that day, and be ready to trade it in at the end of rehearsal.
    • If someone else is collecting your actor, write the name of the person that will pick them up on the card and give it back to our check-in table.
Mon, Tues, Wed
  • Please go over lines, cues, and songs!  There will be NO calling of lines this week.  Things happen on stage and they need to rehearse helping one another to fix minor problems.
  • Get rest, eat well, wash hands, do not share food and drink.  Bring water and drink it on breaks! 
  • Important : Absolutely no food or drink in the theater or band hall (green room).  This rule applies to parents and children.  This is a Nimitz rule, and we are borrowing their space, so please respect the opportunity to borrow a very nice theater. 
Thursday & Friday 6:30 pm Curtain
Opening night is THIS Thursday!
  • Call time for all actors will be published tomorrow along with information about the wrap party following Friday evening's performance. 
  • We feed the children dinner before the shows and give them plenty of time arrive, eat, and relax.
Friday Morning Student Show 9/23
The cafeteria has limited space and there is simply not enough room for the students and teachers plus parents of the cast.  In order for the performance to be safely enjoyed by the students and faculty, the school has asked that any parents who come to the campus Friday morning plan to work during the show in the green room.
  • Children should come to school (at regular time) in costume and report to their class for attendance and lunch.  Just pack your Big Bad TShirt to wear after the show!
  • Actors will be called from their rooms at various times beginning at 8:00 for any prep needs.
  • Remember:  students can not be signed out after the play because they are tired.  The district policy is clear, if students leave during the school day, they can not return for extracurricular activities (the Friday evening performance) unless they have a doctor's note.
T Shirts & Tickets

T-SHIRTS will be available on Wednesday at dress rehearsal.  Actors should plan to wear these on Friday. 

TICKETS will continue to be available through the office or at rehearsal.
  Please remember, one of the reasons we perform at Nimitz is because at CHE we would have to limit ticket sales for every family.  Performing in a larger space enables us to invite any number of people we wish. Using this theater is a great gift and opportunity for our students.  ( We have sold over 300 tickets for Friday night already!)