Here comes the Judge! 8/9

posted Aug 9, 2011, 11:27 AM by Unknown user

Tonight's call is for Judge Scene 3 (pgs 6-8) , 6:30pm – 7:30pm -Tue Aug 9  Actors Called:

Bailiffs, Judge, Grimm Bros, Wolf, Boy, ES, FGM, Piper, 3 Mice, Red, Grandmother, 3 Pigs, Woodcutter, Shepard, Sheep, Muffit, Ravens

Actors should bring the following to every rehearsal:  their Script, a Water Bottle, a Pencil (not pen), a Highlighter

Rehearsal Schedule for 8/16:  Wolfettes are also called to the rehearsal on 8/16, please update your scene breakdown.  The calendar has been updated.

Recent questions include:
  1. Who do we make checks payable to?  All checks are payable to CHE (or Castle Hills Elementary).  The show is a community theater production by the CHE parents, organized by the Academic Enrichment Committee at Castle Hills.
  2. Who is the wrap party fee intended to cover?  The wrap party fee is per person, for everyone attending (not just cast members). If parents, grandparents, cousins, etc. would like to attend to celebrate the "wrap" of the production that is fine, just be sure that you've included them in your RSVP and paid for their registration.  If you are not sure who will be attending, you will have an opportunity to add people to your reservation closer to the event.
  3. What about Scripts?  Scripts are being given to cast members as they are called to scene rehearsals. Each actor will receive only one (1) copy, so please label your script with a permanent marker as soon as you can. If an additional script is needed, it costs an additional $10, and will only be available if there are extra copies after all cast members have received one. Copyright laws prohibit making photo copies, so mind your scripts carefully.
  4. I can't find our Audition Packet, can I get another copy?  You can find a copy of the Audition packet if you scroll to the bottom of the AEC / Big Bad Musical calendar on the website.


Fairies gleaming
Sunlight streaming
Brightly through their hair

Faces glowing
Gently blowing
Sparkles in the air

Gaily dancing
Weightless prancing
Tiny feet so bare

Softly flitting
Lightly sitting
All without a care

- Randi Kuhne