Opening Night 9/22

posted Oct 20, 2011, 9:32 AM by Unknown user
From the Director
Parents and students last night beautiful!  I hope the kids get a little rest tonight and tomorrow.  The show is wonderful.  We had a little confusion at the end, but theatrical tradition begs, "Bad Dress, Great Opening!"  And, after all it is the Big Bad Musical! 
Everyone should be at Nimitz no later than 5:30pm.  Whatever parents can do to get ready at home will help the evening performance run smoother tomorrow.  If some of the make up can be done at home, this will help.  If children arrive in costume, this will help.  If you have time to run lines of the ending of the play, this will help. 
Good Show!  It has been an intense production week, but all will fair well, in the end.
Thank you! Amy

All Call Thurs & Friday, 5:25 pm
  • Please your actors in in the breezeway near the entrance to green room (band hall).
  • See notes from hospitality below.
  • If you still have ticket needs you'll check them at the theater.  I believe I read that Friday may be sold out.
All Call Friday morning
  • Children follow the normal morning schedule, eat breakfast at home or durng regular breakfast hours at school.
  • Report before the tardy bell, dressed in character, to their regular classes.
  • Reminder:  Children signed out of the school after the performance will not be able to perform Friday evening without following the district's policy of providing a doctor's release to return to school/extra curricular activities that day.
From your Hospitality Volunteers
Finger Foods provided prior to each Night Performances from 5:30-6:00: will be served for the cast members before the Thursday and Friday evening performances from 5:30-6:00 pm in the breeze way between the backstage and the Green Room.  On Thursday evening the finger foods will included sandwhiches, pizza, veggies and fruit.  On Friday evening: tacos, veggies, fruits, and other various snack foods.
Breakfast will not be provided:  There will be no Friday morning breakfast due to the time restrictions placed on the cast.  The school has asked all cast members to eat breakfast either at home or at the school cafeteria and report directly to their class so that the disruption to all the students' school day is kept to a minimum.
Snacks:  During practices, we have been unable to provide snacks in the breeze way while at Nimitz because of the very short intermission time and limitations Nimitz places on food and water in their facilities.  It is unclear at this point, whether time constraints will allow for snacks to be served during intermission at the Thursday and Friday performances.  So please encourage all cast members to eat before the evening performances.
Water:  Will be provided for the cast and is available in the breeze way throughout the night performances.
Wrap Party:  Is held following the Friday Night Performance and we encourage everyone to join us for fun, food and music in the Nimitz Cafeteria to celebrate the wonderful job all our cast members and parents have done in putting together this amazing production.  

Lost Item
Microphone not returned Wednesday evening.  The mic is an Electro-Voice (EV) N/D 767a. It’s distinctive in that it’s shorter than the other mics being used and the casing is more soft rather than sleek.  Hopefully it can be tracked down fairly easy. I know it’s a busy day for everyone. I appreciate your help.


Thanks,  Bruce Forey 830.660.9112 — Cell