Rehearsal Tonight, Monday 8/22

posted Aug 23, 2011, 6:23 AM by Unknown user
Recap:  Saturday's rehearsals were great.  The Prologue song is sounding so good with all of the story book characters coming to life.  Everyone learned more blocking for the opening number, how to freeze "in character", and come to life when they start singing.

Tonight's Rehearsal:  Monday, Aug 22 6:30 pm
Piggy Scene 7 (pgs 16-20).  Actors called:
Bailiffs, Judge, Goldilocks, Grimm Bros, Wolf, Boy, ES, FGM, Piper, 3 Mice, Red, Grandmother, 3 Pigs, Woodcutter, Sheperd, Sheep, Muffit, Ravens
  • Actors should bring the following to every rehearsal:  a Water Bottle, a Pencil (not pen), a Highlighter.  Remember, water bottles should NOT be on the stage, let's keep each other safe.
A few thoughts...
My child is challenged by rehearsals where he doesn't feel like he is doing anything.  We talked this weekend about how even when he doesn't have a line or a specific action, he is still rehearsing how to "be" his character.  How would his character sit in the courtroom?  What would his character think when he hears what the other characters are saying?  How can he be his character without distracting the audience focus from the main action?  Every character is so important to create for the audience the story book world.  I don't know (yet) if it helped, but, I'm loving that he is learning so much about the whole theater process.

Have a good week,
Rebecca Baker
Communications/PTA Liaison