**Special Edition**

posted Sep 1, 2011, 2:52 PM by Unknown user

Dear Play Parents,

This is a reminder about PROGRAM ADS.  If you’ve been meaning to get your ad in and haven’t gotten to it, now is the time

Program ads are great for businesses – you’ll reach 500 Castle Hills area families with very little investment!

Program ads are also great for celebrating your child (and their friends?) in this fun show!  The play program becomes a treasured memory from this year (there’s even a spot for the kids to get each other’s autographs).  It’s the perfect place to put a picture of your child with a congratulatory note – or split an ad with other families to showcase a group of kids.

What we have left: 

3 inside cover ads at $200 each.

2 full page ads at $200 each

3 half page ads at $100 each  (if you put 5 kiddos together, that’s just $20 each :)

5 quarter page ads at $50 each

I need ad copy and payment by Wednesday to get in the program.   If you need help laying out your ad, we are glad to help you!!

Thanks for supporting the BIG BAD MUSICAL!
Blakely Latham Fernandez