Wednesday 9/14

posted Sep 15, 2011, 1:18 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 15, 2011, 1:19 PM ]
Dear Parents,
This weeks rehearsals went very well.  It hard for students to "glue" the production back together again, it takes time.  Monday went extremely well, tonight's rehearsal was a little rough.  I have some suggestions to make things run smoother.
Run lines with your students.  They not only have to learn their own lines, but the lines before theirs.  In order to speed up, they must know these "cues".
Please be on time.  We run the rehearsal as late as possible and the times are carefully planned.  If a good portion of the cast is late, rehearsal runs late.
Be in the backstage greenroom with your child during rehearsals.  We have volunteers for the show, but not for rehearsals.  It is your job to care for your child and monitor his or her behavior.  This is a community production, largely orchestrated by parents.  You are ultimately responsible for your child.  Monday evening, a child was hurt outside and unchaperoned.  Tonight, the students were running all over the school.  Mr. Wicker asked us to not allow this to happen.  The children that were running around were our youngest members of our cast. 
Suggestions.  Take the students to different rooms.  Watch for entrances.  Take each group: the fairies to a room, the creatures to a room, the elves to a room, and the princesses to a room. Spread out.  Bring movies, games, colors, and homework.  Bring QUIET activities to promote quiet behavior.  Your children will be waiting during the actual performances as well.  This needs to be an expectation.  Many parents expressed frustration at the end of rehearsal this evening.  I cannot be in two places at once.  You need to watch your children.
Tomorrow, students will run songs and dance numbers.  We will begin with the big, all cast numbers and work our way through the show.  We will continue this on Thursday.  On Friday night, at Nimitz, we will run the entire show. 
A special thanks to the students and parents that represented the cast and handed out invitations to important patrons. 
There are several "bugs" going around.  Stay healthy!  Eat right, drink water, and rest.
Remember, there are only 6 more rehearsals!  The last ones are the most challenging, they are exhausting and hard work, but there are glimmers of brilliance, which I feel fully confident, will become a magical evening for all!
- Amy Stengel