posted Aug 20, 2012, 6:21 AM by Unknown user
We will be gathering Monday afternoon at 6:15 (at the beginning of Play Practice) to coordinate on the basic outfits for all the chess pieces.  It is my understanding after speaking with Amy that while individual chess pieces may have variations that distinguish their chess piece from another chess piece (i.e. a pawn from a rook), all Chess Pieces should look similar in regards to the base outfit and the red pieces need to mirror the white pieces.  

Several of the moms have already come up with some really great ideas and if they could bring a sample or picture of their idea to the meeting it might help for others to see the various proposals.  Also at this meeting I would like to get everyone's email address so we know how to get in touch with all the Chess Piece Parents going forward without posting to the entire Cast.  

Jodi Soyars
Phone: (210) 568-9400