Chess Pieces part 2

posted Aug 22, 2012, 11:24 AM by Unknown user
Thank you to all those who were able to attend the Chess Piece Parent Meeting last night.  We were able to take a few votes and make some head way on the issue of the base outfit.  Sonia Rocha has volunteered to design a sample costume and then lead other volunteers in organizing an assembly line to replicate the costume for the 45+ other chess pieces.  If you have time and would like to volunteer during play rehearsals to be part of the costume assembly line, we will be starting up in approximately 1 week after Sonia has had an opportunity to put together a sample for us to replicate.  If you were not able to attend the meeting, please email me your contact information so that I can get you down on the Chess Piece email list.

The base outfit for all the Chess Pieces is going to be a red or white A-frame tunic with tubing in the bottom hemline to make the bottom form a circular shape.  Those that attended voted to go ahead and pay $5 for each of the chess piece costumes they needed so that Sonia does not have to come out of pocket personally for the fabric.  Jill Fitch has volunteered to collect and keep track of the money for the costumes.  Additional funds may be necessary, but at least this gets us started.

Items that still need to be addressed are: (1) what are the chess pieces going to wear under their costumes, (2) shoes, and (3) individual chess piece customization (i.e. king, queen, knight, rook, etc.).   (1) and (2) will likely be addressed by Betsy to save us all from having to meet again.  (3) should be addressed within your respective (king, queen, rooks, etc.) counterpart groups and the decision made by your smaller group (along with Betsy's approval) as to how to make your specific chess piece distinguishable from the other types of Chess Pieces.  It is important to get Betsy's approval so that we have a cohesive looking appearance throughout the entire cast while making sure each of our various characters are distinguishable enough to tell rooks from knights, pawns, etc.

Special Thanks goes out to Betsy Landry for volunteering to Lead our Costume Design Committee and ESPECIALLY to Sonia Rocha who is volunteering to head up the costume making assembly line for the Chess Pieces and Jill Fitch for volunteering to oversee the finances of the chess piece costume production.  We are all very grateful for their help.