Costumes, Costumes, Costumes

posted Aug 20, 2012, 6:20 AM by Unknown user
I am sure you all have been thinking about your costumes, so I have some directions from Amy.   Think classic, Victorian in the style, with bright primary colors. If I forgot a character, please let me know.
Alice--classic blue dress with pinafore 
The playing cards are organized thanks to Kari Latronico, Kate Terrell and Jennifer Bankler who   have gotten the ball rolling for this big group.  They will have felt ‘cards’ over black clothes and some sort of head accessory which matches their card color.
Troubadour (AKA) the white rabbit, and Door Mouse -- These two should be dressed similarly in classic Victorian,  perhaps with a ruffled collar
Mother Long dress, hair --in bun

Chess Pieces (pawns, rooks, bishops) Overall we want the basic shape to be a cone. We are hoping the bottom part of the costume would be round.  We have seen this work with hula-hoops inside the hem of the costume.  There is a parent who was going to check in to purchasing the hula hoops. Each piece should have a head pieces that similar to a real chess piece.  Overall the colors would be either Red or White.
Red king, White queen, Red queen, White kingbasic cone of chess piece with fancy sleeves and designs on piece, you could add trim and accents on the bottom as well.--see title page of script. In addition, a royal headpiece of some sort--crown, tiara, hat even perhaps.  I would try to go for taller rather smaller on these head pieces. You could do scepters or orbs to hold in their hands.
Red knight White Knight-classic knights with shields and swords added to the basic chess piece costume.

Daisy, tiger lily and rose Dressed like the flower, yet you all need to be able to move and dance.  
Proper authority 1, 2, 3
--police offer/security guard type uniform. 
 suit and tie
 classic baseball umpire uniform. Does anyone have a catcher’s mask and the chest protector?
 baseball uniform with mask and chest protector
 classic mad hatter
Tweedle dum and tweedle dee
 These two look alike, and maybe girls!!
Train conductor
 black suit with white shirt and black hat, maybe a silver name badge.
Hawaiian/bright colored shirts, Bermuda shorts, tennis shoes, cameras, etc
Ticket seller 
Think of a old time train ticket seller-Button-down shirt with perhaps suspenders and a hat.
Humpty dumpty
 big full body egg, could use stuffed felt. Bottoms need to match the fake legs. It should have a western theme
 top and bottom with a head piece. Amy was going to look to see if she has head piece we could use.
 tan body with a mane and a tail. 
 Hopefully we can find a TUXEDO
The Responsibilities
 sequined dresses, formal singing group
Dixie chickens
 Yellow boas, yellow dresses, glamorous chickens with lots of BLING
Baseball players
-baseball shirts, 
Jabberwocky. Amy is working on this costume. It is a group impression of a funny dragon, more details to come….
Rosettes-These girls need to able to dance, yet look like a flower.  Perhaps petals around their heads, maybe green leotard and tights with artificial leaves too.
Vendor Think of a baseball park hotdog/drink/popcorn seller.  He/She could have a hat, colorful or striped apron, and a tray of things he/she is selling.
Kitty- Orange kitty cat with ears and tail.  You are dancing, so make it a costume you can move in.
After looking at your costumes, if you do not have some of the items you need, (i.e. baseball shirt, shield, hats), email me at and I will put all our needs together so we can send out a single email asking our community for donations!
Thank you so much for helping bring this production to life!  Feel free to ask me more questions via email or on Saturday, August 25 I will be there until noon!