WonderMail: 1st Edition

posted Aug 5, 2012, 9:42 AM by Unknown user
Good afternoon ladies and gents, the WonderMail first edition is hot off the presses.  I need your reply, so please read on...

WonderMail will be my best attempt to bring to you information relevant to the families participating in Wonderland, schedule updates, etc.  I will send 3-4 emails per week during the rehearsal period, and a few after we wrap the production for DVD information, lost and found, etc.  

This first edition is a test, to ensure that I have reached everyone.  Please reply to this message with the name of your actor(s) so that I can check my list twice and ensure that the email list is complete.  If your spouse should also be on the email list and is not, let me know.  I will post a follow up email tomorrow with a list of actors that are not represented by a reply, and any email bounces that occur so that we can get the communication kinks worked out.

If this is your first experience in a CHE school play, you are in for a treat.  The many volunteers, yourselves included, that it takes to pull this off is NOTHING compared to enrichment and just plain fun your actors will have as a part of the Wonderland production.

Rebecca Baker